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One of the greatest joys in the Christian life is the fact that we never walk alone. Jesus walks with us always. In Luke 24, we read about two men walking to Emmaus, disappointed over the death of Jesus. They had thought that Jesus would redeem Israel and would escape death. Overwhelmed and confused after the death of Jesus, they become sorrowful that Jesus is no longer with them.

Many a time, even in our walk of life, we are unable to feel the presence of God with us. We become hopeless in various circumstances which compels us to question whether God is on our side and whether He is aware of the hardships we face.

But the scripture says that Jesus walked with them, talked to them and taught them the scriptures; even when their eyes were blinded and they could not identify the Lord. Similarly, Jesus’ presence is always with us. Even when we think we are alone, the Lord still tends us, ‘like a shepherd tends his sheep’.

Often, we lay greater emphasis on our hopeless situations that the presence of God becomes lesser evident to us. Engrossed in our troubles, we forget that God is in control and that God knows it all. But the truth is that our God is always for us and He trains us to hold onto His Word and promises each time.

At the end of the journey, just like the two men, we realize that we were not ‘rowing the boat’ alone in this tough journey. It is God who carries us in our weakness close to himself like the ‘shepherd who carries his sheep close to his heart.

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